Why Us

The Benefits of Working with Corporate Explorer Training

1. Your people will work more effectively and efficiently following their Corporate Explorer Training experience.
Groups who share a common Adventure (as they will in one of our trainings) inevitably become a closer and more trusting cohesive team. Skills that we focus on teaching are immediately put into practice during our sessions so that people will recall and use them in the future. Naturally, efficiency will also be impacted in a positive way when they return to work.

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2. We can handle recalcitrant or skeptical groups.

While teams of this type are rare, sometimes we are brought in to work a group through issues that may be challenging. By bringing a flexible and positive high-energy facilitation style, we’ve been able to generate great results with some of the most stubborn and entrenched groups.

3. Corporate Explorer Training programs focus on skills development so your organization will receive solid benefits.
The best training is often delivered in a non-traditional format. All of our programs are designed to feature tangible lessons combined with dynamic and fun team building programs.

4. We make it easy to put an event together.
You can relax and let us handle the details. Because conducting trainings, team building programs and events is what we do every day; we know how to operate efficiently. Unforeseen circumstances will not disrupt your program. Our facilitators are experts at working with groups and can adapt to virtually any situation or circumstance on the fly. Your satisfaction is our priority.


5. You won’t have to coordinate and communicate with the venue regarding the requirements for our event.

We interface with all types of venue on a regular basis, so handling the room setup for the team building, permission for conducting the event and on-site logistics is OUR responsibility. If you need venue suggestions, we can also make recommendations based on our past experiences.

6. People ENJOY the training!
Corporate training does not have to be clichéd, boring or touchy-feely. Our facilitators are renowned for keeping groups engaged with a dynamic presentation style and high energy approach. Your people will be constantly thinking, interacting and sharing as unusual and useful activities and challenges are presented.

7. When you bring us in, you are entrusting your event to a professional team.
Our company produces hundreds of events all over the world every year. The list of satisfied clients we’ve serviced include a who’s who of Fortune 500 companies, governmental organizations, high tech employers, senior level executives and numerous smaller organizations. Whether you are a small team of four people or 4000 we can accommodate you.

8. Special requests or custom programs are our specialty. 
If you have an idea that you’d like us to execute we will make it happen. A surprising number of our events feature special customization that distinguishes the end program in such a way that it fits the group perfectly. This type of tailoring is quite affordable and makes an event particularly memorable.

9. Memories from

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our programs will be long lasting.
As an added bonus, nearly all our events will be photographed and/or videoed so you’re group will have a legacy to look back at. It is important for us to record our events in a positive and accurate fashion. During your program, our Corporate Explorer Training staff will be taking photographs that will shared with you following your event.

The Return on your Investment

As a rule, companies that invest in their future prosper. This means that businesses that invest in infrastructure, R & D, technology and training are the ones that will succeed. And since it is often said that, “a business is only as good as its people,”corporate training and education are one of the best ways to get ahead.

If you look at lists of the most successful companies in your area, you’ll find that most (if not all) of them invest disproportionately more in training and education than companies that didn’t make the list. What does this tell you? Success and progress are linked to growth, learning and skills development.

Corporate Explorer Training has designed programs in the areas that give you the ‘biggest bang for the buck’. The gains far outweigh the costs.

  • Boost Sales With Training
  • Become More Efficient
  • Retain Key Staff
  • Develop New Talent
  • Increase Profits
  • Create Better Systems
  • Execute Critical Course Corrections Quickly
  • Inspired Leadership Gets the Job Done
  • Forge Ahead with New Initiatives
  • Maintain High Level Focus and Direction

Investment levels for our programs factoring in time, money and follow up are reasonable and fair. You’ll get many times the return on your investment once you’ve committed and experienced one of our programs.

Our programs are also Guaranteed so you can be confident in choosing Corporate Explorer Training for your educational fulfillment.