Rube Goldberg Reincarnation

This can be either a collaborative effort for one large team or competitive with several teams attempting to outdo one another.

Objective: Create an innovative and inspiring machine that will complete a simple task in a gloriously intricate and elegant fashion. It is a complicated process that is artful, creative and fun with the objective of completing a very basic task – like revealing a banner, flipping a switch or pressing a button to start music playing.

Budget: Each team will be given a budget to creatively acquire materials ANY way they can for the machine. Receipts and inventory must be accounted for. Addresses of nearby thrift stores, hardware box stores, malls, toy stores and junkyards will be on hand. This will require a procurement team,

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an accounting team, a design team and so on.

1. Planning phase complete with documentation detailing function and set up.
2. Specifications of machine including space needed, tools, timing,
3. Overarching theme for team’s machine, i.e. steampunk, Star Wars, Jungle
4. Delivery schedule including benchmarks
5. Steady progress reports – including challenges and strengths of team
6. Inclusion of the following elements in machine design: theme song (to be played/activated by machine), water, fire, earth, wind, use of company logo
7. Must be capable of being reset in less than 20 minutes
8. Transportable
There will be curve balls built into the program including possible:
* changes in human capital
* shifting time lines
* additional requirements
* temporary artificial handicaps
* mandatory machine components
The entire build process will be photographed and videoed so that a media piece can be edited together following the program
expert help

Upon final delivery, the two machines will be run side by side. Final judging can either be presented at the end of the program OR could be turned over to your staff post event. That means the machines could be presented at the headquarters for evaluation/voting OR the video could be presented featuring the two machines and then voted upon via the Internet.